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How to Maintain the Leather of Your Traveler’s Notebook

Posted on by Bidan Gong 0 comments

Our traveler’s notebooks are made using genuine cow cut leather that has been tanned using vegetable tannin, as well as a tin-made par that’s attached to a durable elastic rubber band. The process of tanning leather using vegetable tannin can be difficult due to it presenting wrinkles and scratch marks more easily. However, there are benefits to this method such as it being much more environmentally friendly and giving the leather a much more authentic attractive quality, due to the leather taking on beautiful and unique changes over time.

The leather used for our traveler’s notebooks contains oil seeped inside of it, the reason for this is to give the leather a softer and more natural finish. So, please be aware that when you receive your traveler’s notebook, there may be a few scratches and wrinkles on the cover. Although, as you continue to use it, the color of the leather will mature and deepen, making these original scratches harder to spot.

It’s worth noting that the color dye of the leather is done naturally, so there is a slight risk of the color transferring to adjacent objects when the journal gets wet or is rubbed against the object. This can include the bag you keep it in and your clothes, so do be mindful of where it is kept when it gets wet from rain or sweat. If it does get wet somehow, we recommend using a soft and dry cloth to help absorb some of the water that may have seeped into the leather, then letting it further dry out in the shade.

Please also avoid using water, benzene, and thinner on this leather as to not damage it. When trying to preserve it, please make sure there is no dirt, moisture, or sweat on the leather and keep it stored in a dry place. Also, please make sure to keep it from sticking to other leather or vinyl objects.

You can also adjust the tightness of the rubber band by changing the position of the knot. Just undo the knot and readjust the band to your preferred length, then retie the knot.

How to Maintain the Notebook’s Leather

When you first receive your traveler’s journal, you may notice a white power like substance on the cover. This powder is actually oil from the leather that appears due to a change in temperature. This oil powder is simple to remove by either wiping the notebook down with a cloth, or warming the surface with a hair dryer on low settings and kept at a 1-foot distance as to not burn or warp the leather. Also, if you’re at all bothered by the smell of the oil, just let it dry out in a cool and dark environment for a few days. This method will remove most of the smell, so it no longer becomes a bother to you.

The oil which tends to appear as a white powder will blend into the leather naturally over time. But if you are worried about it, applying a moderate amount of heat, as mentioned above, will help it disappear.

The traveler’s notebook can still be used without maintaining it, but it’s recommended to try and apply maintenance to it every now and then just to keep it from looking too worn. If you’re worried about scratch marks on the leather or having it dry up, you can use leather cream to help prevent this. Most leather creams you find in your local supermarket or store will do just fine. By using the cream, you can help deepen the color of the leather, making it look more polished. This can also help prevent scratch marks from appearing as well. We recommend that when you try this, to start on a part of the leather where the scratch marks don’t stand out as much.

In the photo above, you can see the dark parts are where the leather cream has been applied.

The photo above demonstrates an example of a traveler’s notebook that has been used for five years. One of the beauties of traveler’s notebooks is that the expression and texture of the leather can greatly vary depending on how it’s used and maintained. Making each traveler’s notebook unique in its own way.

We hope that you’re able to embrace you traveler’s notebook and keep with you for years to come. Letting the leather on the cover and the pages inside tell their own unique and interesting stories.

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