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Identify Your Amazon Kindle

Amazon have released quite a few Kindle e-readers and tablets over the years, and sometimes the differences between models can be hard to spot. You can Identify your Kindle by it's Model Number. The Model Number is printed at the back of your kindle, near the charging port. 


Model Product Millimeters

All New Kindle 2019-2020 (J9G29R)

Current Model

AKA Kindle 10. It was released on March 20, 2019 and features the front light.

Model Number: J9G29R

160x113x8.7 mm

All New Paperwhite 2018-2020 (PQ94WIF)

Current Model

All-new Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite released at Nov 2018

Model Number: PQ94WIF

167x116x8.18 mm

Paperwhite 2012-2017 (DP75SDI)


Fits Kindle Paperwhite 2012-2018
(RRP US$119, AUD$169)

Model Number: DP75SDI or EY21

169x117x9.1 mm

Kindle Oasis 2017-2019

Current Model

Fits all Kindle Oasis 7", including the latest Oasis with adjustable warm light 

159x141x3.4-8.4 mm